8th Computer Science

Riley Rover

1. Open the link below and complete each task making sure that everyone in your group is able to participate and understand how to program the robot correctly. Discuss the answers to each question.

Make a copy of the document below and upload it your LEGO page on your google site. Type your answers in RED. Work through all the exercises, experiment with different rotations and speeds, and fill in the answers.

Touch Sensor  – This senses whether the red button on the sensor is pressed by running into something. To operate it, choose “Change,” then “State.” Used with a wait command, the robot will perform an action until the touch sensor is pressed.

Click on the image 1 to see more information about the Color Sensor.
Image 1

You will need to add the COLOR SENSOR your robot for today's lesson. Follow the instructions in the booklet in your Lego box. 

Learning to use the COLOR SENSOR
Open the link below to see how to program your robot to follow a line.

Follow the instructions below to make your robot follow a line.

Wednesday, May 11
Open this Lego resource. Read through the movement instructions.
move steering resource

1. Make your robot move forward and make a RIGHT turn.

2. Create a program to make your robot move in a 2 foot square. Use the tape on the floor to start and stop your square. Save as XXSQUARE. (XX is your initials) 

3. Use the SNIPPING TOOL and add the image of your program to your Google Site. Label the Image "How to make a 2 ft. square." 
Think about: What would you need to change to make a larger square?

4. How could you make a SIX sided or an EIGHT SIDED Shape? What about a shape with 10 SIDES?

Tuesday, May 10
Complete the assignment for TALKING ROBOT in your box. Download and TEST your program. Use the SNIPPING TOOL to create an image. Upload the image to your Google SITE.

Open your Google Website. Add a page for LEGOS

Lego XXProject1

Save to your LEGO Folder. Run the programs to test.

Complete the Talking Robot project on the handout in your Lego Box. or click here
Using your snipping tool make an image of your program. Copy the image to a Google Doc. Add the image to your Google site.

Final Minecraft Project Instructions

Screen Recording and Video Instructions.

Complete the steps to finish the assigned project then follow the steps to complete and edit the video.

Your FINAL video should contain the following:
  • The EDITED video clip
  • A Photo of your structure
  • A color or photo background with TEXT of three facts about your structure.
This is how I will grade and present your project. FAILURE to FOLLOW these instructions will result in a ZERO or lower grade.
Save as you work, PUBLISH when you are finished. Add your finished project to the following Google Spreadsheet. 

Open your video on YouTube. Locate the SHARE button. Copy the SHAREABLE URL. Paste the URL into the cell to the right of your name.
Click here: Add Final YOUTUBE to this spreadsheet.

Assignment for April 11-13, 2016

All 8th graders should have finished all the lessons in Brain Pop for the Digital Citizenship and Computer Science sections. If you haven't completed all those lessons you need to be working hard to catch up.

Assignment for April 14, 2016

Complete the sections listed above then...
Complete the COMMUNICATIONS SECTION of Brain Pop.

Complete as many as possible. This will be a graded assignment. Take your time and score as high as possible on each quiz.  DO NOT email me the quiz score. Take the CLASSIC Quiz and submit to the correct class.

Instructions for Mindcraft Ancient Civilization Projects.

Friday, March 25
Make sure I can see the following links:

1. CS Vocabulary2
2. Your FlowChart of the Activity you described
3. Ps Code Minions Document

Clean up all links on your Google Site. Links to document look much neater when you link to the TITLE of the document insteam of the URL.

Example: Which looks better and is easy to follow: THIS? Add a LINK to a document

Use this HANDOUT when you need to know how to add a link.

How to ADD a LINK Correctly to your Google Site

Thursday, March 24

Wednesday, March 23

What is pseudo code? Search for information on pseudo code and add the definition to your vocabulary page. Give an example of something you do everyday using pseudo code.

Open this packet

Below you will find the assignments for Friday and Monday. You must complete all of both assignments to play Minecraft Survival on Tuesday.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18 Vocabulary 2 CSterms       

Click HERE to open Vocabulary 2 You will need to be logged into Google to complete this assignment.

Complete this assignment and make sure you have added a link to your Google Site Vocabulary page.

To add a link: In a NEW tab open your Google Site. Open the Vocabulary Page. Click on NEW POST. Name the NEW Post "Vocabulary 2 CSTERMS"  click in the text area below. Go back to the tab with the Vocabulary 2 document. SHARE the Document. Copy the LINK. CTRL C

Return to the Google Site>Vocabulary Page.
Click the LINK button in the top toolbar. Click on WEB ADDRESS>Type the Name of the document "Vocabulary 2 CSterms"  Paste the link you copied ctrlV in the URL box. Click DONE.


Flow Chart Assignment

Complete the Assignment from Friday before you do this assignment.

Click HERE to open Flow Chart Assignment You will need to be logged into Google to complete this assignment. I have left a few samples on the table if you need to review how to do a Flow Chart. Use the Drawing Tools in Google and use colors and shapes to make your chart look interesting.

If you finish all the work you may do CODE.ORG or try one of the following:

Made with Code
Play Spent

March 16, 2016

Complete the FlowChart for Hide and Seek we started on Monday. Add your name and print the Flow Chart when you are finished. Please make sure it fits on ONE page. You will find the symbols below on Flow Charts and Algorithms.

Play one of the Card Games with a group at the table. As you play have one of the group members complete a FLOWCHART for How to Play the game. Write the name of the game you played and the name of each group member on your team.

March 15, 2016

March 8, 2016
Today you will create a poster for an App or an online program represented by an Icon.
Choose the app/icon you want to illustrate.
Follow the instructions here: App/Icon Poster Instructions

Add an ANNOUNCEMENT page to your Google Site
Make a post for 3/1/2016
Describe Computer Craft and Turtle Island
What you are doing, what you enjoy and why and what you find frustrating.

Tuesday, February 22

Open a NEW Google Doc Name the Doc "Digital MediaXX"

1. Make a list of all the ways you use Digital Media or Online programs

If the name is two or more words use this method "GoogleMaps" or "Google~Maps"

Add YOUR NAME to the LIST, Add your user names to the list

2. Locate Images of the sites you enjoy or use often. Save the images to your CS FOLDER. Make sure this is YOUR folder.

3. Open the following image and SAVE it your CS FOLDER

4. Open TAGXIDO and create a Digital Footprint of all the sites you visit. You may copy and paste the words from your Google Doc "Digital Footprint" and paste them into the text window.

5. Click on SHAPE and locate the FOOTPRINT from your CS Folder.

6. Change the colors, text, etc to create the Footprint you would like to print.

7. Save AS 4MP JPG

Monday, February 21

Watch the following Video. 

Open the Digital Citizenship Page of your Google Site
Write a 7-12 Sentence Summary about the video.
Answer these questions in the summary.
Name of Video:
What was the main message in the video?
What did you learn about an online presences?
What lesson should we learn from that message?
Which of the 9-Elements of DC does the video illustrate?

Describe your Digital Footprint by listing all the ways you use the Internet

Watch the following Video

Name of Video:


On the Digital Citizenship Page of you Google Site

What is your Digital Footprint?

According to this video what are some steps you can take to improve your Digital Footprint?

Why is your digital footprint important?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Complete the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship you started last week. Using the document you copied to your DRIVE, write a sentence to explain each of the 9 elements. Do NOT remove the definition. 

Illustrate this document. Do a Google Image search for pictures that will illustrate each definition. Save the image to your PICTURE Folder. Upload each picture to Google and INSERT it into your document. DO NOT Copy and Paste the picture.

Be ready for a pop-quiz one day soon.

Add a link to this document on the Digital Citizenship page of your Google Site.

Save the changes to your webpage.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Create a Post on your Digital Citizenship Page on Google Sites

Open the Digital Citizenship page on your Google Site. Write a paragraph to summarize one of the videos listed below. Include the following information about the video you watched.

Name of Video:


What was the main message in the video?

What lesson should we learn from that message?

What rules does your family have about electronic media?

Which of the 9-Elements of DC does the video illustrate?

Choose ONE

Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sign up for BrainPop and join 1stperiodSEM2

Open BrainPop.com

Enter the class code 1stperiodSEM2

SignIn with simmonsmid

Complete the profile page using your First name and Last initial 

Follow the instructions on the Assignment Page Above.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Read the information below containing information about the IT Academy at HHS.
con't working on your Google Site by carefully following the instructions to add the next two sections. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Wednesday, February 2, 2015

Instructions for today's assignment using Google Sites.

career quiz

8th Grade Minecraft Project Details

OPTIONS for End of Semester:

Monday and Tuesday you will be allowed to choose a program you want to work in. If you have not finished code.org I would suggest you just finish the 20 hour course. You may help each other if you are working quietly.

Finish Code.org OR work other code.org projects.
App Inventor: Only do this one if you can get the emulator to open.

If the programs below ask you to login you need to login using Your Google Account

Made with Code This is a fun way to learn code.

Code Avengers: Do the free sections

Code Combat start where you left off

Code Academy

Coding Games Do it Yourself

Study for Exams:  You may also study during this time if that will serve you better. Mrs. Deaver knows to make sure you are studying and not just sitting around. No more than 2 may study together. You may move to the tables or use the computer to make flash cards, study guides, etc.


Complete this form: Coding Activities

Good Morning, I hope you are ready to show off your robot programming skills. Please read all instructions before you begin the challenge. We will have visitors in our room today and I expect you to be on your best behavior. Only ask me for help if you are apsolutely stuck and cannot work without my help.


challenge lists
Create a NEW PROJECT: Named CHALLENGESxx. Create NEW PROGRAM for each challenge. Complete the challenges in any order. You must demonstrate the challenge to a judge. Have them initial the appropriate cell. Students or judges may make notes in the last column. Use any resources to solve the challenge. You may also measure any area.

I have printed you a copy of this document. Make sure your NAMES are on the printed copy. 

Penalties: Reduction in points or disqualification may occur if you intentionally interfere with the success of another group. Use excessive noise, run, or misbehave any in way.
PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded on Wednesday or Thursday for the following:
Most Points
Most Challenges complete
Most Cooperative Group
Most unusual solve



Open the link below, register using my email: cmorris@hoover.k12.al.us Click NO for more information.
More on Color Sensor  Watch the video and work through the lessons. Practice using any of the sensors you are not sure about.

Wednesday, November 4

Con't working on Tuesday's assignment in order to get more comfortable using the Gyro sensor.

There are tons of Youtube videos that will help you get more information about using the sensors and motors on your EV3. Search: Ev3+"sensor name"

Practice using all the sensors and all the action blocks.

Color/light: stop on black line, stop on green line. Follow line
Ultrasonic sensor: get close and more towards,
Touch sensor: touch and object and back up or turn.

You may add elements to your robot, but you do not have time to rebuild. You may strengthen it or add lifts, sensors, etc.

Tuesday, November 3

Before we get started today you will need to do two things.
1. Delete all the programs on your robot.
2. add your Gyro Sensor to your robot and connect it to port 1.

The Gyro is a sensor that gives you a heading of the direction you are going. 0 is straight ahead.
Check the PORT VIEW on the brick and make sure the setting for GYRO-ANG  which will be for heading.

Watch the follow video to understand how this sensor works.

Using the Gyro Sensor

1. Open a new PROJECT-name the project XXGYRO, name the first PROGRAM "forwardRtXX"
  • Write a program that will cause your robot to move forward and turn right.
  • What happens when it turns? Is it close to a 90 degree turn? What do you need to do to compensate for the difference?
2. Add a 2nd PROGRAM "square" write a program to make the robot move in a square. Mark your start point with tape and try to end in the same place you started.

3. Add a 3rdPROGRAM "zigzagXX" write a program to create a zigzag movement for a distance of about 1 yard. Test the program 1st. Then have the robot turn around and zigzag back to you at the starting point.

4. Write a 4th PROGRAM demonstrating the use of the sensor. Give it an appropriate name. Be ready to share your program with the class.

  • Why do you need to keep your hands off of the robot when you are booting up to use the GYRO sensor?
  • What problems did you have trying to make your square?
  • What degrees did you use to get your best zigzag pattern?
5. Create an image of the best zigzag program. Add the image to your NOTES page.

Monday, November 2

Try using the other motor blocks instead of move steering. Comparing the motor blocks

Objective: Create New PROGRAMS inside an existing PROJECT
Objective: Make your robot move using the other motor blocks. Large Motor, Move Tank, Medium Motor

Create a NEW PROJECT called MOTOR BLOCKS Your project is going to have  tabs at the top.

1. Create a program that will allow your robot to make a complete circle with the MOVE TANK.    Can you make your circle bigger? smaller?  Name the program move tank.

How does this change how the robot stops?

2. Click on a new tab: Create a program that will allow your robot to make a complete square with the LARGE MOTOR. Can you make your square bigger? smaller?  Name the program Large MOTOR  

Explain the difference in Move Steering, Move Tank and Large Motor? Which motor do you think is the easiest to understand and operate?

More with Ultra-sonic
Challenge: Chase is on Open the document and scroll down to find the challenge that will help you setup a program to chase a robot that invades your space.

Wednesday, October 28      Video showing a real life purpose for this type of sensor

If your sensor is not working it may need to be moved out in front of any other sensor on the robot. Add the parts you need to make it stick slightly out in front. You may remove other sensors if necessary. Work quietly while you are building.

Today we will use the Ultrasonic Sensor to make the robot detect things without touching them.

  • Use the ultrasonic sensor to make the robot stop before it bumps into something.

  • Program the robot to chase a person who tries to invade its space.

Quickly add the Ultrasonic Sensor to your robot or move it forward out in front of other sensors.

Use the two links below to see how to program your robot.

Adding the ultrasonic sensor (slide)
Programming the Ultrasonic Sensor (pdf)

Try this one next. Set your program up as shown on the video.
Ultra sonic sensor video

How could you use this sensor to measure distance? See if you can figure it out first then use the link below to help.
measuring distance with the ultrasonic sensor

JOURNAL ENTRY write a paragraph to answer the following questions:
  • What was the goal for today's assignment?
  • What sensor did we use to accomplish the task?
  • What obstacles did you have to overcome to be successful? 
  • What happened when you changed the VARIABLE for threshold?
  • Did you use a LOOP in the program today? What is the purpose of the Loop?
  • Did you use a SWITCH in the program today? What does a switch do?
  • Based on what you did today, what do you think THRESHOLD represents?

Tuesday, October 27    

Writing Pseudo code use this as a reference to write the pseudo code for your line tracing program.
Each student: Open a Google Doc> Name it Line Tracing code. Add your name to the document.
Share it with cmorris@hoover.k12.al.us

If you have not already done so, you will need to complete all the steps on Monday's lesson before moving forward. Create an image of your final program using the Snipping Tool.
Save it as Color Sensor and add it to your Notes page.

Color Sensor "color mode"When you open this page it will ask for an email address. Use my email cmorris@hoover.k12.al.us. Click NO to receive updates or information. Then click BACK to go back to the tutorial.

Watch the video to show real life uses for this type of sensor.

You will navigate through the course by clicking on the numbered tabs or NEXT.

Watch the video, follow the instructions, and answer the questions on each page.

Write a paragraph to answer the following questions:
  •   What was the goal for Monday's lesson?
  •   As indicated on Image 1 below, what mode did we use for our sensor on Monday?
  •   What did your group accomplish on Monday? 
  •   What determines when the robot will stop when using the light sensor?
  •   What do the numbers represent when using the light sensor? What would a high                          number represent? A low number?
Add these definitions to your NOTES page. Add an image of each sensor to the appropriate definition.

Touch Sensor  – This senses whether the red button on the sensor is pressed by running into something. To operate it, choose “Change,” then “State.” Used with a wait command, the robot will perform an action until the touch sensor is pressed.

Color sensor : This light shines on the floor to measure reflected light. To operate it, choose “Measure,” then “Reflected Light Intensity.” Set the number to the light value you want the robot to wait on (0-100). Lower numbers mean less reflected light (darker colors) and higher numbers mean more reflected light (closer to white).

Infrared sensor (third icon): This sends an invisible beam of infrared light out from the front of the robot. The robot will use the infrared light bouncing back to the sensor to determine if it is close to an object without touching it. To operate the sensor, select “Compare,” then “Proximity.” It will then sense if an object is within a few inches of the sensor.

Understanding more about the Color Sensor   Color Sensor Lesson

Monday, October 26

Click on the image 1 to see more information about the Color Sensor.
Image 1

You will need to add the COLOR SENSOR your robot for today's lesson. Follow the instructions in the booklet in your Lego box. 

Learning to use the COLOR SENSOR
Open the link below to see how to program your robot to follow a line.

Create an image of your final program using the Snipping Tool. Save it as Color Sensor and add it to your Notes page. 

Add these vocabulary words to your notes page.

Thursday, October 22

If you did not complete the exercise from yesterday, please do so now. Get your robots and make sure you can complete a figure 8, and then complete the journal entry.

Each group member needs to make a post to the journal discussing the outcome of yesterday's exercise. See STEP 2 below.

To the NOTES PAGE: Upload an image of the program you wrote to successfully complete the FIGURE 8. Label the image FIGURE 8.

Wednesday, October 21

Today you will need blank paper, handout, pencil, measuring tool.

1. Open the link below and complete each task making sure that everyone in your group is able to participate and understand how to program the robot correctly. Discuss the answers to each question.

One person from each group will need to make a copy of the document below and share it with the teacher. Type your answers in RED. Work through all the exercises, experiment with different rotations and speeds and fill in the answers.

Riley Rover Basic

2. Create a NEW post in your LEGO journal. Remember each group member should be making a post each day.
What worked? What was challenging? Who was the most help figuring it out? What did you learn in this activity?

October 15-19

Login with links below. We are only using the FREE version of CodeCombat. If you open a screen that says purchase something just close it. There are tons of free options. Look around until it lets you move on. Work quietly and stay on task. Everyone should have enough to do. Help each other as necessary.

* Don't forget to complete your 20 Hours in Code.org. Use your free time wisely.
If you have complete the Accerlarated Course you may choose other projects in Code.org to work on.

Python Instructions

Learn to write code using the PYTHON programming language. 
You will evaluate a new coding programming called CodeCombat. 

Create an Account using your school Google ID and a safe form of "your name". FIRST 3 LETTERS of your last name and 1st 5 digits of your 19#.  Example: 
John Smith=smit19207

If you were absent on Thursday ask someone to help you sign up and get started.

STEP 1: Click here to sign up then return to this page: CodeCombat 
STEP 2: Follow the link below to join the classroom clan. Join the SMS_CLAN8

ABOUT Code Combat:
"Need to learn to code? You don't need lessons. You need to write a lot of code and have a great time doing it," the team writes on their Web page. "That's what programming is about. It's gotta be fun. Not fun like 'yay a badge,' but fun like 'NO MOM I HAVE TO FINISH THE LEVEL!' That's why CodeCombat is a multiplayer game, not a gamified lesson course. We won't stop until you can't stop -- but this time, that's a good thing."

Each of the game's levels has you coding toward a specific goal -- collecting a mushroom so you grow strong enough to beat a giant ogre, for instance, or leading soldiers to do battle, or escaping from a dungeon. Each level is also given a difficulty rating out of five stars, the hardest being the dreaded Gridmancer.

You will work in CodeCombat on Friday and Monday. At the end of class on Monday please evaluate the game.
Complete this document to evaluate the coding game. Game Evaluation for CodeCombat

INSTRUCTIONS:Work through the first lesson slowly to learn how to play the game. To see your progress click on ACHIEVEMENTS. (I will use this to evaluate your progress). Work hard and do the best you can.

****When you finish the Defense of Plainswood (last section of Tutorial 1)
Make sure you click on RED circle NOT the Blue STAR.

Wednesday, October 14

1. Complete the Talking Robot project on the handout in your Lego Box. or click here

2. Open the link below and complete each task making sure that everyone in your group is able to participate and understand how to program the robot correctly.

Riley Rover Basic

3. Create a NEW post in your LEGO journal. Remember each group member should be making a post each day.
What worked? What was challenging? Who was the most help figuring it out? What did you learn in this activity?

Tuesday, October 13

Read ALL of these instructions before you start. Use your time wisely today. You have 7 steps in today's instructions.

1. Open your Google Site. NOT your group site, but your personal site.
    Open each page and look for COMMENTS. If you have NOT made the suggested changes, DO it       now.

2. The following people did not share the MOVE STEERING image we labeled last week. Please           share ASAP. Devon, Alex, Simon, William,Tori, Marc, Edwin, Treveil, Arturo

    When everyone in your group has completed Steps 1 & 2 move to step 3

3. How to use the Touch Sensor  Make sure the touch sensor is out in front of robot. You may change the configuration of your robot if necessary. Save your program as GroupXX_touch1

Group Sites Instructions: Work together to add to your Group Sites.


4.  Using the Snipping Tool to create an image of your program. Save it to a folder, then Upload the image to your notes page. Add a title.

5.  One group member needs to add these questions to your Google Site Notes: 
          Notes Title: Touch Sensor Relay.           

What programming changes should you consider to make your robot complete this task the fastest?

  • Engine power
  • Degrees of turn
  • Number of times to loop
  • How to make it stop after the 4th leg of the race.


6. Use your initials XX and TOUCH as the title of the post. Make a journal entry about what you did today. What worked? What was challenging? Who was the most help figuring it out? In what way did the location of the touch sensor influence the outcome?

Other than a vacuum cleaner, in what real life situations would we find a touch sensor?

7. Find a Video to illustrate a touch sensor used in the real world. Upload the video to the Resource Page of your group site. IF you don't have a Resource page-add one now with 2 columns. 1 column set as URL, 1 column set as text.

Thursday, October 8

Login to Chrome: Open the document we started yesterday. Finish labeling the Move Steering Block using the notes on this presentation. move steering block

Complete any work from yesterday that was not completely finished. 

Do you have 15 words, definitions and pictures on your site?
Have you added information to the Lego notes page?
Have you written in the Lego Journal? Check the JOURNAL instructions below.

Get your group prepared to RETAKE the move steering quiz. Your group will get an averaged group grade.

Do not open until I say start.

If there is time today we need to make changes to the design of our robots. Take off all sensors and arms. Add a touch sensor the sits our in front of your robot.

Wednesday, October 7.

Individual Work: Check your Personal Google site for the following;
Your title (does it say something about the purpose of the page or its creator?)
 Are you pictures showing up when you are not logged in? You may want to ask a friend to check this.
Are your vocabulary words arranged neatly and easy to read?
Are the vocab words underlined or bold or numbered so they are obvious?
You should have 15 words and definitions. The definitions should be similar to the ones I have given you.

If you have not added the next 5 words to your site do so now. Do not copy/paste, but take the time to type it in yourself. Add a picture that illustrates the definition.

11. Operating system - The system necessary for a computer to operate.12. Networks - Multiple computers linked together.13. Server - Designed to support a computer network that allows user to share data, software and peripherals.14. Memory - A place to store information; see RAM, ROM15. Byte - 8 bits = 1 character, series of O’s and 1’s
Study all the words on the vocabulary page. Be ready for a quiz on Thursday on all 15 words.

Some groups have not setup their site correctly or shared it with me. Please do so ASAP.
Add a NEW page set for ANNOUNCEMENTS and name it "NOTES" Add anything you want to remember or keep track of to this page. Start by adding a labeled image of the MOVE STEERING BLOCK. 
Using your LEGO group site to journal: Lego Journal Instructions

Tuesday, October 6

Use the instructions in the following link to get started.

Name the PROGRAM (double click on program tab to change the name) XXmove1

Today everyone in your group must demonstrate the following:

  • Program the robot to move forward and turn.
  • Download and run the program on our robots.
  • Use a loop to repeat actions.
  • Program the robot to travel in a square or any regular shape.

Monday, October 5

Getting Started with LEGO Ev3

We will be using a Google Site to communicate, organize and journal about our Lego experience. You know how to use Google Sites, so follow this link for specific instructions.

LEGO Site instructions

Add this URL to your resources page. Ev3 Software Overview

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Add the next 5 Vocabulary Words to your Google site. Add pictures to 3 of the words.

8th CS assignment for Monday

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cs Words and Definitions

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Instructions for today's assignment using Google Sites.
Google Sites instructions

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thursday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We still have a few people not finished with their character. While you wait open Code.org and con't working.

If you have not printed your character, PLEASE do so immediately.

Monday, September 14 2015

Con't working on your Photoshop Character. Add your face and other layers as needed. Please make sure you add a textbox to the front of your shirt and type your name. You will be cutting these out after they are printed.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Create a character in Photoshop to use as your game piece the playing field. REMEMBER-We will be cutting these out. Try to find a picture for the body that does not have thin lines. Follow the instructions on this handout. SportsSTAR in Photoshop

Friday, August 28, 2015

Click on the link to open NSTEENS Website. Click on QUIZZES at the top of the page.
The NSTeens Challenge is an interactive quiz.  You will watch 5 animated videos, each illustrating a different Internet safety concept. After each video complete the activity that tests your understanding of the topic. 

It's important that you complete the challenge in one sitting – if you close the quiz window, you will have to start at the beginning! 

Email your certificates to me cmorris@hoover.k12.al.us when you have completed the challenge.

If you finish early you may Play GAMES here.  Go to your CLASSROOM and locate the GAME EVALUATION page. Complete the questions for each game you play on the "Fun Stuff" page.
Thursday, August 30, 2015

8th Grade – Read all the direction before beginning.

I CAN…infer (make a good guess; read between the lines) the purpose of the Educated Dude video, by summarizing (give a short version) of what he says and support (back up with details) my summary.
1. Open Google Classroom and locate the document I shared called Educated Dude.   Educated Dude_Fname.
2. Watch the video below of the Educated Dude. You will probably need to watch it a couple of times to really understand all he is saying. Really think about what is being said and don’t rush through this.
3. Write two paragraphs (at least 5 sentences for EACH one) about what he is trying to say in this video. Use correct grammar and sentence structure in your paragraph.
Here are some things to consider and questions to answer in your response paragraph.
What is the topic he is rapping about?
How does he start his rhyme?
What points (or ideas) is he making?
What questions is he asking? Is there a challenge?
Do you see this rap as something that is negative or positive?
What is the point and why do you think he made this video?
How does this video leave you feeling?
What questions or ideas does it make you think about?

5. Read Digital You while we wait for others to finish so we can share and discuss.
6. When you are done play games on here.
Monday, August 24, 2015
Open a Word Document to hold your list of words. Type your name 6 times separated by commas. Make a list of words that relate to your life in some way. Words that describe your personality, your hobbies, your interest, your favorites, your challenges. 
SAVE this list to your folder as MY_WORDS_XX
Copy and Paste the words into the Tagxedo load screen. 

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